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Waterproof Cast Padding

Q: What is Aquacast Liner?


A: AquaCast Liners are waterproof, breathable, and washable, minimizing cast-related frustrations.  Our liners replace the cotton liners and stockinettes underneath a fiberglass cast, giving patients the freedom to continue their normal daily activities – bathing, showering, and even swimming.  AquaCast Liners can be used with any type of fiberglass cast.

Q: Why should you use Aquacast Liner?


A: AquaCast Liner is the best waterproof cast liner. Developed by engineers in conjunction with an orthopaedic surgeon and OTCs from across the country, AquaCast Liner has become the choice for hospitals and practices looking to provide the best patient care possible. Ask your healthcare provider for a cast with an AquaCast Liner. All AquaCast Liner products are not made with natural rubber latex.

Q: How Aquacast Liner works?

A: AquaCast Liner is made with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) which contains billions of tiny pores that are much larger than moisture vapor molecules but much smaller than liquid water droplets. The AquaCast waterproof liner remains dry while your skin gets wet. Water will drain quickly out of the ends of the cast.  The patient’s body temperature heats up the remaining water causing it to vaporize and pass through the liner and the fiberglass cast tape. All AquaCast Liner products are not made with natural rubber latex.





Q: Why Aquacast Liner is a better choice compare to cast cover?


A: You can sweat, shower and swim in our AquaCast Liner – immediately – without the hassle of having to put on a cover. 
Why wear a bag when you can have a TRULY waterproof cast?  Don’t take the chance of the cast cover failing, getting your cast wet, and having to get another cast applied.  Think of the benefits:


  • Ready to go when you are

  • No bag to wear EACH and EVERY time

  • About the same cost and a lot more convenient

  • Wash hands to protect yourself from germs

  • Better skin outcomes

  • Sweat.  Shower.  Swim. In an AquaCast Liner

Q: What is Aquacast Removal Aids?


A: AquaCast Saw Stop® is cast removal aids which provide an added layer of protection against cuts and burns from the cast saw and can be used with any type of cast without adding bulk. AquaCast SawStop® is to be used between the fiberglass cast and
the AquaCast® Liner. It provides a buffer when the cast saw is used during cast removal. It is engineered to work with AquaCast
Liner to maximize system performance.

Q: Why use AquaCast Saw Stop®?  

A: AquaCast Saw Stop® removes stress and anxiety that often felt by patients when using a cast saw to remove a cast from an arm or leg. Occasionally patients are cut or burned by the cast saw blade. The cast technicians and doctors will definitely appreciate when dealing with pediatrics. 

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