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All in One

The Next Generation

Orthopedic Cast

HM Cast Top.png



HM CAST is the first orthopedic tubular immobilization system, which is designed from special materials and offers a One-Step Solution, like All in One Kit.
HM Cast allows patients to enjoy their daily hygiene routine, to take shower, bath or even go to pool without concern. Furthermore, it is extremely useful for pediatric as it can be fully removed without having to use of cast cutter saw.

HM Cast Water Repellent.png

Ventilation and

Water Repellent

HM Cast is made of polyester fabrics and is specially woven so that it creates an air layer, thus minimizing itching and odor significantly. HM Cast’s skin protector can easily be dried after shower by body heat thanks to the excellent ventilation and water repellent material.

HM Cast Stocking Roll Application.png

Ease of


HM Cast is easily applied like wearing a sock or stocking. Its elasticity makes it conform to the contour of each patient’s body without the risk of pressure point.

HM Cast Lightweight.png

Extremely Light 

Yet Durable

HM Cast's unique skin protector using a special material create an air layer enabling an easy absorption and excretion of water. Completed HM cast is 30% lighter than other fiberglass cast. Not to mention plaster or paris, which is way much heavier than fiberglass cast.

HM Cast Removal.png


Friendly Cast

Cast removal can be extremely stressful on a child and family. With HM cast, you can now remove the cast without Cast Cutter but all can be done  by just using cast removal instruments

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