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High End Portable Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure System

PrismaVent Top.png

Prisma VENT 30C/40 Bi-level System is designed for pediatrics to adult’s patient weight over 10kgs and above for invasive or non-invasive ventilation. Its compact design to be use on stationary and mobile applications in both domestic and clinical environments.

Prisma VENT

PrismaVent Versatile Mode.png

Flexible ventilation setting

Prismavent equipped with modes from CPAP to Bilevel modes with adjustable assisted targeted volume to ensure the patient achieve effective ventilation with maximum comforts.

PrismaVent Battery 2.png

Long Lasting

12 hours built in internal battery for easy transport, and provide continuous ventilation support even during blackout.

Low Noise.png

Low Noise and Smooth Ventilation

Quiet and smooth ventilation that allow for both patients and care giver to maintain a dormant sleep with total peace of mind , especially for the patients with long hours of usage.

COPD optimization.png


Air Trap Control, Trigger lockout and the expiratory ramp are special feature settings in Lowensteins PrismaVent Bilevel system that combine to ensure safety while optimizing comfort for COPD patients. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

PrismaVent Spo2.png

PrismaCHECK – SpO2 measurement

Upgradable Spo2 module to enhance the effectiveness monitoringto ensure the safety to home patients with peace of mind.

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