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Anti-Embolism Stocking


• Cool & Light Fabric provides better comfort.
• Special knitting thigh band keeps stocking up.
• Knit-in Gusset with higher stretchability prevents tourniquet effect at upper thigh.
• Certified & tested for accurate compression by the Hosiery Technology Center (8-18mmHg).
• Floating Blue Heel faciliates easy and proper placement while applying the stocking.
• Seamless Construction and 100% Latex Free.
• Machine washable and dryer safe for convenient patient use after discharge. 

Adjustable Thigh Stocking


• Adjustable hook and loop design eases application for bariatric patients.
• Adjustable thigh allows accurate compression for total hip patients.
• Accurate ankle to thigh compression fitting up to a 39” (100 cm) thigh circumference.
• Precise compression rates are made possible by the triangular-shaped thigh panel and VELCRO® closure.

Incentive Spirometer


• Helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness.
• Unique handle for easy holding while exercising.
• Air filter for enhanced protection.
• Innovative design, can be dismantled into parts for cleaning & disinfection.
• Tube holder for flexible tube while not in use.
• Attractive design with color coded balls for easy identification of breathing capacity.

Silicone Resuscitator

Silicone Resuscitator.png

• Latex-free high grade medical silicone material. 
• All parts can be easily dismounted for cleaning and disinfecting.  

• Autoclavable - reduce risk of cross infection.
• Soft cushion mask allows for an effective seal on the patients face.
• Infant, Pediatric and Adult size available, with mask.

Anti-microbial Sticky Mat


• Adhesives strips for easy installation both on floor or frame.

• Non Adhesive side-band to give an easy peeling

• 3 sizes available: 45cm x 115cm, 60cm x 115cm, 90cm x 115cm which can be used both singularly or multiples.

• Special adhesive ensures that dirt is trapped and held.

• Antimicrobial additive fights bacteria-laden dirt.

• The blue color continuously shows the progressive use up and the still active areas.

Surface Disinfectant


• Proven efficacy against broad spectrum of microorganism including Covid 19 as listed by US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
• Proven efficacy (EPA, EN, AOAC).
• Virucidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Sporicidal.
• Safe and cause no corrosion on all surfaces.
• User friendly to associated worker.
• Extremely economical cost- in-use.
• Versatile usage: spraying, foaming, fogging.

Thermal Recording Paper

Thermal Paper.png

• ECG & CTG Paper for all brands and models.

• Water resistance gridline.
• Accurate sensor mark.
• High density thermal image.
• Precision ECG Gridline.
• 5 - 10 years image durability.
• Complete range of compatible paper.

AED Machine


• FDA-Cleared AED combine fully automatic shock delivery, dual-language functionality, variable escalating energy, and fast shock times. 
• Rescue Ready technology performs rigorous daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests.
• Medical-grade battery with a 4-year full operational guarantee.
• RescueCoach™ user-paced instruction, intuitive pad design, and automatic shock delivery to reduce the likelihood of human error.
• Light enough to travel anywhere but strong enough to pass military standards.

Video Laryngoscope


• 3.5 inch HD color display.
• Indoor/outdoor mode adjustable. Image, video and audio recording on internal storage.
• Camera output via mini HDMI connection. 
• With build-in rechargable lithium battery.
• Battery operation time : 250min.
• Instant anti-fog technology.
• Insight slider design compatible with neonatal, child, adult and large adult size blades.

Infared Thermometer 


• Quick response for getting result within 1 second.
• Use quality sensor for High accuracy measure.
• Large LCD backlight display.
• Celcius and Fahrenheit are easily convertible.
• Two color of screen indicate temperature level
• Automatically power off after 30s if left it on still
• 25 groups memories and review fuction
• Low battery indicator
• Audible Alarm for high fever

Ripple Mattress


• Prevention for Pressure Sores.
• Alternating Pressure utilized 130 individual bubble cell.
• Bubble Cell Mattress made of durable medical PVC
• Adjustable Pressure 
• Bed-rail Hook easy to fix on various beds.
• Maximum Weight Capacity up to 110kg.

NIV Mask


• Various type of masks are available
• Including Nasal, Full Face, and Nasal Pillow Mask.
• For Ventilator, CPAP, BPAP application.
• Reusable mask designed for long term application.
• Adjustable strap provides maximum comfort
• Easy to dissemble components allow thorough cleaning.



• Available in multiple brands.

• Various Application for Adult, Pead, Infant.


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