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BiLevel ST with adjustable target volume and High Flow Therapy option.

Prisma30ST-HFT Top.png

Prisma30ST-HFT is a bi-level system that designed for Sleep disordered breathing and Chronic respiratory insufficiency treatment. It’s equipped with variety of Bi-level setting options such as  target volume, back-up frequencies, Tri-level, and High-flow option to achieve highly effective yet comfort treatment for patients.


Intuitive Prisma30ST-HFT.png

Intuitive user Interface with zero learning curve

The intuitive user interface designed to assist clinical professionals to easy manage each parameters settings by referring to the graph with zero learning curve.

Prisma30ST-HFT THigh Flow Therapy Mode.png

High Flow
Therapy Mode

Built in High-Flow Therapy (HFT) option to eliminate CO2 and improve oxygenation improvement with High Flow Nasal Cannula to achieve a better comfort.

Prisma30ST-HFT versatile modes.png

Versatile. Reliable. Comfortable.

Equipped with a variety of BiLevel options, target volume, backup frequencies and High Flow option,prisma30ST-HFT provides effective ventilation support that leads to lasting treatment success.

Prisma30ST-HFT Touch Screen.png

Touch Color


Trendy touch display designed to fit well in the room while allow for easy access to the user comfort setting.

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