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Premium and Portable in One

Redefine your CPAP again

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iBreeze+ premium PAP system is one of the smallest PAP solutions in the world. With the help of it, you can ignore all obstacles between therapy & freedom. It serves the purpose for both home and traveling use.

iBreeze 20A Plus

20A+ All in One.jpg

Lightweight & Compact

A portable CPAP as iBreeze+ will meet all your imagination & expectation of a sleep on your go. Without compromise on performance within 680g, iBreeze+ is indeed representing the highest state of art in field.

20A+ Quiet.jpg

Extra Quiet For

A Better Dream

iBreeze 20A Plus designed and developed with unique hardware platform and algorithm. Without compromise on performance, keep the noise level down to 28dB, to keep our customer and families an in-disturbing sleep in the night.

20A+ With and Without Humidifier.jpg



iBreeze 20+ can be connected with humidifier so that one can also enjoy the humidification in daily home staying therapy. Smart humidifier configured with water level detector, which can avoid an over heating while the water gets exhausted.

20A+ Resassist.jpg

Cloud data management

With integrated wireless module, iBreeze+ can easily link to ResAssist cloud system, a central data gateway. Connect with your smart device and an overall perspective of therapy data can be accessed and viewed easily.

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