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Anti-Embolism Stocking

Q: What is Anti-Embolism Stocking?


A: Anti-Embolism stockings are specially made, elastics socks that gently squeeze your leg to increases venous blood flow velocity.
It comes in white color with either thigh or knee length,

Q: What is the intended use for Anti-Embolism Stocking?

A: To prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) /blood clot developing in calf.

Q: Who uses them?

A: Non-ambulatory patients or those that are lying 95% of the time

Q: Why is the compression level of Anti-Embolism Stocking?


A: Usually below 20mmHg. Most commonly 8-18mmHg according to NICE Guidelines/Sigel Profile

Q: Should Anti-Embolism Stocking be worn at night?


A: The stockings should be worn day and night during your stay in hospital. Stockings should be removed for no longer than 30 minutes every day. I​t is recommended to be used all day long until patient full mobilize.

Q: Why choosing the correct size is important?  

A: Proper measuring is important to insure proper fit, reducing the chance of skin breakdown, ease of application, comfort, patient compliance and performance.

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